The four seasons of Japan

Asakusa TOKYO

Asakusa, in shitamachi, with its many small shops and entertainment enterprises clusterd around Sensoji Temple, has a special atmosphere as a town of the common people.

Shita means down and machi is a town.

Hagoita, battledores are sold at the approach to the temple on 17th to 19th every December.
This is one of the decorations for the New Year's Day.


We Japanese have long thought of the sakura (cherry blossom) as the flower which symbolizes the nation.

There are numerous sakura viewing spots and one of the pleasure of life is the chance to hold a sake drinking party beneath a grove of sakura in full bloom.

Hanabi There is a display of fireworks (Hanabi) on the Tama River near my home every year.

Up go the hanabi! (sound)


Momiji, Japanese maple turns red in autumn.
We both have an excursion for viewing scarlet maple leaves (momiji) every year.