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(At the Villa Griffone, Bologna Italy where Guglielmo Marconi achieved
the world first long distance wireless communication. Yoshie and Hiroaki Kogure)

Hiroaki Kogure, Dr. Eng., P.E.Jp
Representative of Kogure Consulting Engineers

I was born in Maebashi City, about 100 km northwest of Tokyo in 1952.
I graduated from the Tokyo University of Science in 1977, completed my doctorate (Dr. Eng.) in 1998 in the Electromagnetic field analyses. Test production of a pioneer Object Oriented precompiler language "objC" in 1985. I worked for an engineering company, developing electric power plants controlled by computers.
A part-time lecturer at the Tokyo University of Science since 2004, Tokyo City University ( Ex-Musashi Institute of Technology ) since 2006, and Takushoku University since 2014.
I primarily work as a registered professional engineer(P.E.Jp #20692) of information technologies division and write many books. My hobbies are HAM radio and sightseeing.

Yoshie Kogure, Kogure Consulting Engineers

I received a B.A. degree in Chinese literature from Waseda University in 1983.
Since 1992, I have been supporting Kogure Consulting Engineers as a technical writer and a translator, writing many technical books in collaboration with Dr. Kogure.

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