JIPC 20th Oct. 1995

多層プリント回路の電磁界分布 - 他層への結合の解析 -
"Electromagnetic Distribution of Multilayer Printed Circuit"
- Analysis of coupling to other layers -
Hiroaki KOGURE, Keisuke OGAWA, Hideki NAKANO
Kohji KOSHIJI and Eimei SHU

JIPC(Japan Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuit)

(Modeling of the structure)

(Crosstalk under Vcc plate S31, S41: Sonnet "em")

(Radiation from the PCB: KCC "Micro-Stripes")

今回これらの状況で解析が可能な電磁界解析手法(モーメント法: Sonnet "em", TLM法: KCC "Micro-Stripes")を用い, 多層プリント回路の他層への結合の解析を行い,主に定性的な考察をまとめた.異なるアルゴリズムに基づく2手法により,多層プリント回路の層間への結合や クロストーク問題に有用な基本的な情報が得られた.

Abstract Recently we spent too much to re-design circuits and fabrications because of the requirements of large integration and the multilayer printed circuit. It is so difficult to measure characteristics between the layers by a probe, especially a back side of smaller multilayer structure. The circuit theory gives less accurate answers in these structures. This paper deals with the electromagnetic distribution analysis of multilayer printed circuit using two different EM analyses, Sonnet "em" by the Method of Moments and KCC "Micro-Stripes" by the Transmission-Line Modeling Method. These two different algorithm produce many useful basic information about coupling to other layers and crosstalk problems.